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ShellSquare Softwares signifies the digitalization of the oil and gas industry. We help businesses employ vast volumes of data to make smarter decisions and automate offshore production, planning, and drilling in real-time.

ShellSquare began the adventure in 2014 and has now grown into different office locations across the globe. We are proud to have a core team with the domain knowledge in the industry and are honored to have a distinguished clientele. We provide our clients the flexibility to focus more on performance analysis. Our cloud-based solutions enable them to store, transfer, and visualize data to achieve timeliness, sustainability, and value in business.

We build products for Exebenus, Halliburton, and Kongsberg that are utilised by GE Baker, Petronas, Shell, Equinor, ExxonMobil, and Aramco.



  We focus on Oil & Gas domain

ShellSquare specializes in offering customized solutions for the upstream and midstream sectors in the oil and gas industry. Our major goal is to decrease Non-Productive Time (NPT) and Invisible Loss Time (ILT) and to boost safety and efficiency in complicated oil and gas operations.

Our solutions include well planning, drilling, data management, and real-time monitoring and reporting tools that are customized to meet the expectations of the consumer.

To develop a flexible environment for client requirements, we use an agile approach. Our procedure comprises of the following steps: design, development, stabilization, deployment, and support (24X7)



  Well curated Well Planning application

Our Planning tool helps oil companies expedite their well planning processes by eliminating human mistakes, missing data and saving time, and money.

It is faster and easier to create operational procedures. Users can define template procedures by reusing prior operations or by creating a new template based on existing templates. For consistency and standards, these templates can be reviewed and modified. When a user selects an equipment or import a tool string, the application will display the related operating activities, hazards and best practices.

Users will be able to make more informed decisions when planning the execution of operational procedures because of this. If an unplanned issue occurs, such updates can be added in minutes, saving a lot of time on the rig, and allowing an emergency plan to be implemented quickly.

All of the necessary information and elements for the operation can be made available to all rig users in a single platform during the procedure's execution using our software.

blow out preventer

Blow out preventer



Sand screen

Sand screen

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  Smart Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring drilling operations in real-time is critical for wells to eliminate predrill confusion and equip the well crew with the best knowledge to drill proactively.

Our application provides the best opportunity for the workforce to safely and productively drill the well meeting the defined objectives.

It provides automatic data analysis and monitoring of the drilling process by leveraging real-time data from the well, as well as providing early warning reports to detect initial signs of faults or events.

Almost all Oil Companies and Service Providers across the world utilise the real-time apps we built for them.



  Seamless Data Management

Our data transfer application allows users to easily transfer data from third-party data stores, which can be seen using the real-time monitoring tool. Companies can create uniformity and eliminate unnecessary delays by automating the operations in well planning and drilling process.

Real-time data can be used to detect blockages and shortfalls, compare asset performance, and expedite the whole well planning and drilling process.There is no need to send data to a vendor store for data visualisation, lowering the risk of data exposure. As a default, our application can handle N no of wells in real-time, which may be increased as needed.

We assist our clients in storing and transferring data by using WITSML 1.4.1, 1.3.1, ETP 2.0, and 2.1.

Our applications are compatible with data formats such as WITS, LAS, ASCII, OPC, OPC UA.

We have created an application that transfers data between datacenters situated across the globe.



  AI and ML transformation in Oil and Gas

With extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence, we assist clients in forecasting hazards during drilling operations, allowing for more effective decision making and cost savings. ShellSquare's dedicated team adopts innovative ways in building end-to-end AI solutions for customer demands. The effective use of machine learning and deep learning technologies is a key component of our services.

To ensure the quality of the machine learning models, our data science team uses the best tools and frameworks and adheres to the most dependable industry practices. We can analyse vast volumes of data to get useful insights for decision making and build machine learning solutions..

The data quality and transformation are properly maintained and guaranteed before feeding the prediction algorithms. The model's performance is accurately tested at each stage of the development process. We have worked with oil and gas companies to develop ML-based systems for forecasting sensor data and detecting anomalies such as stuck pipe scenarios.



The 24x7 technical support team monitors the data streaming activities of various wells under corresponding rigs and troubleshoots , if there is an issue in streaming by cross-referencing it with other VMs, Insite, WTSML, and fixing it if it is associated with data exchange and other services. Support Services are offered in India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Norway, and The United States

  Standard Support

  • 24x7 Monitoring services, including data interfaces.
  • Machine Learning Prediction model training & monitoring.
  • Reporting Incidents (bug, feature request, domain training requirements).
  • Standard response and resolution guarantees based on KPI.
  • Monthly reporting on services (KPIs and maintenance activities).
  • Product release notes.
  • Deployment of updates & feature training.
  • Analysis of software upgrade impact.
  • Live data analysis.
  • Data synchronization.



At ShellSquare, we think that inspirational leadership motivates people to take action, significantly improves individual and team performance, and sparks creativity and bold innovation. It effectively unleashes dormant ability by delving into our internal strength and values and pushing others to pursue their passions and ambitious goals. Inspired and motivated individuals and teams, in our view, have a substantial influence on organisational performance. ShellSquare is driven by strong pillars who inspire others with their finest work, encouragement, and contributions.

Maya Bindhu Sasi

Chief Executive Officer
A businesswoman with keen interest in technology and administration, Maya has been instrumental in the growth of ShellSquare Softwares.

Ranjith Kumar R

Global Support Manager
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified professional with exposure to ISO & ISMS. 10+ years of experience in IT, ITES & BPO sectors.

Steffi Vincent Louis

Project Coordinator
Pursuing as a Project Coordinator with Agile methodology & an experience over 7 years in both technical and management sector.

Mridul Das

Global QA Manager
Mridul has over 6+ years of experience in project management and quality assurance, and he is eager to use his expertise to assist ShellSquare in its growth.



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We are looking for curious, analytical, and adaptable people to join our growing team. At ShellSquare you will find a dynamic environment where growth opportunities are abundant and hard work is rewarded. If you think you would be a great addition to our team and are ready to accelerate your personal growth share your CV.


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